Multipurpose block/stone machine

The technology international advanced

Professional R& D team, leading technical support;

Industrial solid waste residues are used by the machine

Increase the mixing proportion of industrial solid waste residues and environmental protection

Compatible with artificial stone, PC artificial stone and all kinds of wall /paving block

With the service of remote information diagnosis, the time of maintenance is shortened.

By a remote service

The description of Silver Horse 2025 multipurpose block/stone integrated production line

After more than 20 years of technical precipitation and experience accumulation, Silver Horse company has launched an independent intellectual property – Silver Horse 2025 multipurpose block/stone integrated machine, benchmarking international standards, which belongs the international initiative in the industry. It has overcome the big problem of incompatibility between traditional block and stone equipment. Through unique technology, it has realized a set of equipment can not only produce artificial stone, PC artificial stone, landscape artificial stone, but also produce ecological permeable brick, curbstone and so on; it can simultaneously achieve high strength, permeability, fine imitation of stone, contradiction of the three into one. Moreover, it can greatly increase the mixing proportion of industrial solid waste residues, has the effect of comprehensive secondary utilization of resources.

High-end PC artificial stone and artificial stone produced by Silver Horse multipurpose block/stone integrated machine, its technological process and formula have high strength, density, wear resistance, rich color, delicate appearance, etc. It can be the perfect combination of architectural and decorative function, with durable quality, replacing natural stone; ecological permeable brick can help the construction of "sponge city", effectively improve the urban heat island effect, relieve waterlogging and make the air clean. 

Technical advantages of Silver Horse 2025 multipurpose block/stone integrated machine:

①  International first, China invention patent, and applied for the United States and the European Union invention patent;
② High degree of automation, simple operation, high efficiency, low cost, labor intensity and energy consumption, no pollution and dust;
③The thickness of product can be adjusted arbitrarily in the effective range;
④Accurate dimensions, large strength, high density, glossy products with beautiful appearance and excellent decorations;
⑤Good fracture, high wear resistance, anti-skid effect, durable, elegant taste;
⑥Products produced by the equipment have a variety of patterns, with clear, colorful, high density, ultra-high strength, anti-skid effect and so on. It can replace the granite and marble tile, mainly used in the city sidewalk, square ground and indoor ground. It is the most ideal ground laid material, in terms of improving the urban taste.

The intensity of product is up to 70 Mpa, which can be widely used in outdoor landscape, city square paving, with gorgeous colors, beautiful appearance to enrich the city landscape materials, and avoid the natural stone resources of vast quantities of mining.

The application of artificial stone

Concrete brick

Applicable requirements for raw materials of stone and concrete bricks

With widely applicable raw materials, Xi 'an Silver Horse 2025 multipurpose block/stone integrated production line equipment can effectively use ordinary sand and stone, cement. As well as metallic tailings, coal gangue, fly ash, slag, construction trash, tailings and other solid waste residues are produced by power plants, petrochemical, smelting, mining and other ash discharge enterprises. Some raw materials are listed as follows:





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