EISA2001 Block Making Machine QFT15-18/SH-A-15-18

☆ With the updated technology as support,it has the capacity of annually producing standard blocks of 100,000 cubic meters and 60million standard bricks.

☆ As another upgrading Cougar series machine of 2012,it realizes the function of lightning speed frequency conversion amplitude of power system with the matching of the optimized features through dragging dynamics,and make the molded green compact have good evenness and density so as to reach the special requirement of high compactness.

☆ The top-end famous product that quickly becomes popular in industrial market in 2012 is specially customized for users.

The arrangement of fully automatic block making production line

1.Batching machine

2.Color materials mixer

3.Base materials mixer

4.Screw conveyer

5.Cement silo

6.Cement scale

7.Color materials belt conveyer

8.Base materials belt conveyor


10.wet block conveyor

11.Pallet feeder


13. Klin conveyor(mother-conveyor)  

14.  Klin conveyor(son-conveyor)  

15.Curing kilns


17.Reducing  pallet conveyor

18.Coordinates type cuber robot  

19.Hacking roller conveyer

20.Overturning device

21.Pallet pusher

22.Pallet storage device  

23.PLC control room

24.Material storage area

waste residue and materials

Silver Horse company has always been devoted to the global environmental protection and constructing new type building material base for users.And it can also provide project scheme and technical support for relevant industry solid waste discharge enterprises and recycling eco-ndustrial park.After thousands of repeated experiments, theNOWKNOWN hardener technique successfully achieved innovation of product technology,and surpassed traditional techniques in the industry.1‰~2‰ hardenercan greatly improve mixing proportion of waste solid and materials(such as,the mixing quantity of fly ash,mine tailings and phosphorus gypsum can reach 70-90%),And it can help pollution-emitting enterprises such as power plant to achieve the purpose of zero emission of pollution,letting clients lead a better life.

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