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Cement brick brick equipment has broad prospects for energy saving and environmental protection

In order to protect the country's land resources and improve environmental protection, the state has banned the use of fired red bricks, because both firing and red bricks are made by high-temperature firing of soil, which is used for soil and heating. Timber. At present, China’s natural resources are seriously deficient, and the amount of cultivated land is decreasing every year. The state has also introduced a national policy for closing hills and afforestation. Imagine that if the use of burning and using red bricks is allowed, the cultivated land and forest resources will be threatened. Therefore, the country banned the use of fired red bricks. Most of the bricks are now shut down, resulting in tight red bricks. Therefore, the birth of cement brick brick equipment has solved this problem. Silver horse cement brick brick equipment does not need to be fired. The pollutants of power plant fly ash are relatively environmentally friendly. The country has been vigorously promoting it. The products produced have the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation, sound insulation and good heat insulation effect.


Silver Horse Cement Brick Brick Equipment Features:

The closed belt conveyor is used to strictly control the small material and half storage amount, so that it can be used as needed to prevent the concrete from being liquefied in advance due to the influence of aftershocks, ensuring the strength of the product.

The cement brick brick making equipment has a compact overall structure and reasonable equipment, and the rotating parts adopt mechanized devices, which are accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and increase production efficiency. Up and down pressure, directional vibration, frequency conversion brake, to achieve high density, high strength molding effect.

The cement brick making equipment is multi-purpose, and different molds can be used to produce block products of different shapes and specifications. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and it is not easy to cause failure to ensure normal production operation.

The unique material cutting and arching device allows the material to be quickly and evenly fed into the mold box; the special double-end synthetic output vibration technology and reasonable vibrator arrangement make the exciting force evenly distributed in the vibration table.


Cement brick brick making equipment is rich in raw materials and has a wide range of sources. Its production process is simple, the investment in construction is less effective, and it can be produced on a large scale. It is suitable for both rural areas and cities. Yinma cement brick brick making equipment not only has advanced design, wide applicability, and simple construction operation; it can also shorten the construction period and reduce the construction cost. This can be said that the investment is small and the effect is quick. Now China has begun to use it and is showing more and more. Out of its broad prospects





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