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Non-burning brick production equipment quality and output double guarantee of environmental protection machinery

In the past, most of the buildings used for building construction were red bricks. Since the state emphasized environmental protection, the non-burning bricks produced by the non-burning brick production equipment are very popular, but there is still a large number of people worried that the strength of the brick-free production equipment is not as good as red. The strength of the brick, is this the case, the strength of the production equipment of the silver horse free-burning brick? This is to be proved by experimentation.

The silver horse free-burning brick production equipment can form 56 pieces of standard burn-free bricks per board. The standard size of the products is 240 x 115x 53mm. It can produce 10,000-12,000 standard non-burning small bricks per hour. The molding cycle is 15-20 seconds. The compressive strength is divided into 5 groups of 5 bricks. The bricks are cut or sawed into 2 equal half bricks, and then stacked in opposite directions according to the fracture direction. The length of the overlapping portion must be greater than or equal to 10 cm, and the upper and lower sides of the test piece Parallel to each other and perpendicular to the side, place the sample flat in the center of the pressure plate of the press, the load should be even and stable, and no impact or vibration can occur. The loading speed is 0.5 MPa per second, and the pressure is applied to the test piece. Destroy, record the damage load P. The compressive strength of the test piece is calculated by the following formula to the nearest 0.1 MPa.


The production equipment of silver horse free-burning brick adopts double-sided pressing technology, which can continuously produce brick products for a long time. The pressure is high and the compactness of bricks is high. To some extent, the contradiction between output and quality is solved. Brickyards have important implications.

The state also supports the construction of a brick-free production equipment factory and provides preferential policies for these brick-free production equipment factories. Why is this? Because the raw materials of the non-burning brick production equipment are some industrial wastes, such as fly ash, mineral powder, slag.... These industrial wastes are the main raw materials for making burn-free bricks. The country hopes to eliminate highly polluted clay red bricks through the promotion of non-burning brick production equipment. In the future, the production of free-burning bricks will surely become a trend, a trend to promote sustainable development of society.





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