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Fly ash block making machine solution

Customer Name: New Hope Group


Equipment: Fully automatic fly ash brick production line equipment


Equipment Name: Super Puma 2001


Equipment Description: Super Puma 2001 is a medium-sized automatic production line equipment of Xi'an Yinma Company. It fully considers the wide applicability of raw materials in design. In addition to ordinary sand and gravel materials, it can also effectively use fly ash, slag and tailings. Various industrial wastes, producing various wall, standard brick, color paving slab, roadside stone, flower wall, lattice, lawn block, airport and container terminal special brick. The molded products are accurate in size and excellent in quality, and the equipment is multi-purpose and the process is compatible.


Customer situation: The customer owns a self-built power plant, and a large amount of fly ash is piled up like a mountain. He has been looking for an effective way to solve the problem of fly ash accumulation.


Use effect: The use of Xi'an Yinma Company equipment can consume a large amount of fly ash, convert waste into environmentally friendly products, and also achieved certain benefits.


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