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Making bricks/stones from tailings

Integrated solutions of block/stone from mine tailings

The high quality utilization of tailings not only solves the problem of waste recycling

but also reduces dependence on natural resources.


The scheme uses mine tailings (metal tailings, non-metal tailings) to produce all kinds of PC artificial stone, landscape artificial stone, artificial stone, PC curbstone, ecological slope-protection brick, municipal brick, hollow block, solid brick, paving stone, lawn block, bricks for airports and container terminals and other products. Its products are precise in size, high strength and good quality. The machine is multipurpose and very compatible. At the same time, fly ash, slag, coal gangue, steel slag and other industrial solid waste can also be used.


Diversification of products

Technical advantages of Silver Horse 2025 series multipurpose block/stone integrated machine

The innovation process of high-pressure vibration and extrusion is adopted, improved the density of recycled bricks greatly. The technical problems such as short life and poor freeze-thaw performance are solved.

The realization of a set of equipment can not only produce PC artificial stone, landscape artificial stone, but ecological slope-protection brick, municipal brick and so on. It can effectively solve the making problem of raw materials of tailings of ultrafine powder (200 mesh and up), change the technical limitations of traditional block making machine which mainly deals with granular materials. Products are positioned in the high-end market of artificial stone. It can meet the needs of mass industrial production of high value-added PC brick/stone.




Market prospect

With the continuous upgrading of the living environment and the deepening of the green building concept, there is also a growing demand for high quality bricks/stones.

This integrated solution is not only able to meet the continuous market growth, but  help manufacturing enterprises stand out in the fierce market competition, through the unique technical advantages of its equipment and diversified production. Win-win social and economic benefits are achieved.

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