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Masonry block production line equipment

Customer Name: Tianjin Customer


Equipment: Xi'an Yinma economical automated production line equipment


Equipment Name: Super Puma 2001


Equipment introduction: Super Puma 2001 economic production line fully considers the wide applicability of raw materials in design. In addition to ordinary sand and gravel materials, it can also effectively use various industrial wastes such as fly ash, slag and tailings to produce various Walls, standard bricks, colored paving slabs, roadside stones, flower walls, lattices, lawn blocks, special bricks for airports and container terminals. The molded products are accurate in size and excellent in quality, and the equipment is multi-purpose and the process is compatible.


Customer situation: mainly use concrete to produce masonry blocks for self-built projects.


Use effect: The quality of the masonry block produced by Xi'an Yinma equipment is good and the product stability is high.


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